*lies in the sun for 5 mins*

wheres my tan

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this is like me trying to showcase my talents for job interviews. 
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If I’m shopping at Target and I see this, I’m calling the cops.  
Seriously.  I don’t care about your fucking rights, I just want to buy some dad jeans and maybe a tub of frosted animal crackers without having to worry about your casually slung assault rifle going off and the bullet ricocheting off the price checker and right into my ass.  Thanks but no thanks.  

This can not be real

but think about it if it was armed black people or hispanic people. They would be considered “thugs” and “criminals”. If it was a group of people from the middle east they would be terrorists, But because it’s like 800 different shades of mayo they’re using their 2nd amendment rights…smdh. 

rest assured that this rule is not for black people. they would freak out for sure if a black person came into the store carrying…let alone three or four

That’s because white people are automatically deemed “responsible” by default… even when they’re the majority of mass shooters in the US.

100% verified

^^^^^^^ I was waiting for that


this is not a war zone why the fuck do you even own those


australia’s got a lot of fucked up shit going on but at least we can say our last mass shooting was 18 years ago

because after it happened we placed higher restrictions on gun ownership

because that’s the logical fucking thing to do

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